Our Dances

Ain't That Love

a jazz trio choreographed by Joan Green and danced to the Ray Charles song of the same name.

Bouki Dances the Kokioko

 a humorous Haitian trickster tale, choreographed by Joan Green.

Crossing the River

a first-person account by Arnold Gragston, a slave who rowed other slaves to freedom. Choreographed by Joan Green. Archived.

The Emperor's Flowers

a charming folktale from China. Choreographed by Andy Taylor.


a dance presenting the members of the company. Choreographed by Andy Taylor.

If Not Higher

an inspiring and uplifting I.L. Peretz story from the Russian

Jewish tradition. Choreographed by Joan Green.


Choreography by company member, Nancy Murphy, Octabandance centers on the use of the colorful, stretchy Octaband® prop designed by company member, Donna Newman-Bluestein.

An Ode to Trees

Inspired by the video of Yo-Yo Ma playing In The Gale for Audubon's The Birdsong Project, An Ode to Trees celebrates the majestic lungs of the earth and the interconnectedness of trees, birds, music, and all of life. Structured improv choreographed by Donna Newman-Bluestein and Julie Leavitt

Peace of Wild Things

a dance to Wendell Berry's poem, Peace of Wild Things. Choreographed by Andy Taylor.


a modern dance celebrating the intricate ways our lives are stitched together like the pieces of a quilt. Choreographed by then company member, Molly Hess.


a structured improvisational dance about relationships between dancers and supporting one another.

Wings of the Butterfly

a fantasy from the Amazon rain forest, full of mysterious transforming animals. Choreographed by Joan Green.

Yet and Still

a tribute to our two eldest dancers (ages 91 and 79 at the time) and the amazing and vigorous ways they were living this phase of their lives. Choreographed by Joan Green.